Additional Information

Locally made by retailer in Milton, ON
Ships to locations in Ontario, Canada
Available in 6 oz and 8 oz sizes.

Mermaid Tail Glow In The Dark Slime

Do you know someone who dreams of being a mermaid? Gliding through the ocean with that gorgeous tail, exploring coral reefs and the endless magical creatures that live there. We made Mermaid Tail slime with a clear glue base for maximum sound satisfaction while playing. It’s super sparkly, with beautiful reflective scale-shaped glitter, coloured like the waters of the most secluded beach, smells like the breeze off of the salty ocean, oh, and it GLOWS! Because Mermaids are magical, that’s why! Charge your Mermaid Tail slime under a bright light or in the sun and then watch it shimmer and shine in the dark as you wave the coils from your hands onto a (parent approved) surface and imagine you’re swimming deep beneath the sea.

Like all our pre-made slimes, Mermaid Tail is made using Elmer’s glue, Elmer’s Magical Liquid (activator), cosmetic grade mica powder (colour), and fragrance oils. This slime also contains sparkles/glitter. Some of our slimes may also contain lotion, hand soap, cornstarch, baking soda, water colour, beads and charms. Always wash hands before and after use.

Not for children under 3 years old and children should always be supervised by an adult while handling slime. DO NOT EAT. It is ultimately your decision if slime is right for your child.