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I’m a Milton mom of two busy, slime loving kids. The Slime Lab Milton really wasn’t on my radar at all until we were all suddenly forced to isolate at home, during the early phase of the pandemic. Searching endlessly online for crafts and activities to do with my kids, slime was everywhere. With really nothing else to do, I was up for the challenge. I’m not sure if we weren’t housebound for so long, I would have been so open to handing my kids bottles of glue, shaving cream, food colouring, etc. It got as crazy as you imagine. Think full body slime coverage, standing on our dining room table like small feral creatures shrieking with delight.

Over time, I became less patient with the mess of course, because that gets old quickly for those of us responsible for cleaning it up. Soon I was searching for any activity I could come up with to distract my kids from the idea of wanting to make slime. Nothing I came up with had the same effect. They just kept asking for slime. As a parent, it’s so enjoyable to watch and participate in activities our kids love, I just had such a hard time loving the slime itself.

Benefits Of Slime

I was intrigued with finding out exactly what it is about slime that fascinates young minds that much. I knew the obvious reasons of course, i.e. messy play; solid enough case. Did you know though, that slime actually fosters healthy brain development? That it helps to improve focus and attention? Now, that had my attention. I’m sure you might be warming up to the idea of slapping some into your own kids’ hands now. I’m with you. Slime play assists in the enhancement of fine motor skills and encourages endless creativity. Roll it flat, make shapes with cookie cutters, twist it, bounce it, stretch it.. the list goes on. There are no rules to playing with slime, so kids can direct the play in their own way. Kid approved fun for play based learning.

Video games and endless youtube videos may keep kids distracted and while they look calm on the outside, inside we know it’s not doing them any good. Slime can be calming, pulling us in by tantalizing all of our senses. I found a pretty solid case for play based learning and connection, which we can never have too much of and I knew we were lacking that as the lockdown went on and on. Queue the sound of the craft cupboard slowly opening while I think to myself, am I brave enough to do this again?

I had to learn to live with the messy bits of slime like we have to learn as adults, and teach our children, to live with and embrace the messy bits of life. In both, that’s where we really discover how to enjoy and appreciate the little things.

The Slime Lab Heart Shaped Slime
The Slime Lab Kids Playing With Slime

With the lockdown behind us and life resuming mostly to normal, the need to get away from a screen, play and enjoy life is as strong as ever. I personally found it hard to get back to the same all systems go mentality I had before. My focus had changed, and maybe I just noticed what I was too busy to notice was missing before. I wanted to have more fun. When I told my daughter I wanted to create The Slime Lab, she tried her very best to hide her immediate excitement very clearly bubbling out of her, and unable to resist the temptation, folded her arms across her chest and said “but you HATE slime”. I had to tell her “I don’t hate slime, I actually love how much you both love it, I just don’t love making it in our house”. Satisfied with my answer, she then lit up like a Christmas tree and I knew there was no going back. My new self-elected business partner and I were jumping in with both feet, “literally” as you’ll learn. And there you have it. The Slime Lab Milton was created out of my own desire to reconnect with play, with simplicity, with creativity and just plain fun. 

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